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Apesar do 'drible da vaca', Roberto X segue correndo atrás da bola. E ensaia algumas pedaladas que, se confirmadas (o tempo dirá), o tornarão o melhor 'ala' de nosso mercado. Saca só:

"Microsoft LOVES Boot Camp and I am sure they'll say that shortly. After all, Boot Camp sells more copies of Windows without threatening more sophisticated products like Microsoft's own Virtual PC.

One reason why Microsoft isn't surprised by Boot Camp is because Microsoft has been working with Apple to make sure that Windows Vista runs well on IntelMacs. Apple will support Vista dual boot, though I don't know if they will become a Vista OEM, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't if it will help sales.

If Boot Camp is part of an OEM deal worked out with Microsoft, that suggests that Microsoft will take the high ground by offering a version of Virtual PC for IntelMacs. To be perfectly honest here, I KNOW about the Vista compatibility through Microsoft (not Apple) sources, but I am only guessing about the Virtual PC part.

Microsoft and Apple are happy with each other for the moment, and rather than representing some Apple attack on Microsoft, Boot Camp just represents the state of their happy partnership. But this won't last for long. It never does.

I predict that Apple will settle on 64-bit Intel processors ASAP (with FireWire 800 please), and at that time will announce a product similar to Boot Camp to allow OS X to run on bog-standard 32-bit PC hardware, turning the Boot Camp relationship on its head and trying to sell $99 copies of OS X to 100 million or so Windows owners.

That's the point when, as Koppy used to write, the game turns."

Roberto X usou o beisebol no início de seu artigo. Troque Koppy (da última frase) por PVCoelho ou Juca Kfouri que dá na mesma.


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