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SuperSite for Windows publisher Paul Thurrott is saying that, beginnining in May 2006, Microsoft will start to trickle out what will amount to seven editions of Longhorn, each be designed to cater for a different Windows user market. The seven editions are as follows:

* Longhorn Home Edition
* Longhorn Premium/Media Center Edition
* Longhorn Professional Edition
* Longhorn Small Business Edition
* Longhorn Mobility/Tablet PC Edition
* Longhorn Uberedition: will offer all the functionality of the Home, Premium, Professional, Small Business and Tablet versions in an all-in-one package)
* Starter Edition: a stripped-down, lower-cost version of the operating system that may be relegated to availability in other countries such as India

Microsoft has so far declined to comment. A Microsoft spokeswoman said: "We have not announced details regarding the specific versions of Longhorn we will make available."

Where's the f******* 'caipira' edition?!?!?!

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  1. C... taí meu! Ubere Edition, é só apertá os teto.

    (Victor) 8^)


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