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Tomara. Já tá todo mundo de saco cheio de previsões. Mas o Roberto X foi o último da (longa) fila. E suas previsões sempre são, no mínimo, divertidíssimas. Saca só alguns melhores momentos:

  • Apple WILL make some inroads against Microsoft. The new Intel Macs will run Windows XP unofficially, and Apple Support acknowledges that they are only days from running XP officially, too.
    Cool, mas o melhor é exatamente o oposto. Tremei MS:
  • Apple won't offer versions of OS X for generic Intel hardware because the drivers and the support obligation would be too huge. But just as you can buy a shrink-wrapped copy of 10.4 for your iMac, they'll gladly sell you a shrink-wrapped Intel version intended for an Intel Mac, but of course YOU CAN PUT IT ON ANY MACHINE YOU LIKE. The key here is to offer no guarantees and only limited support, patterned on the kind you get for most Open Source packages -- a web site, forums, download section. and a wiki. Apple will help users help themselves. With two to three engineers and some outreach to hackers and hardware makers, Apple could put together an unofficial program that could easily attract two to three million Windows users per year to migrate their old machines to the new OS. Imagine the profit margins of three engineers effectively generating $300-plus million per year in sales.
    Woo-hoo! Assim minha previsão de encolhimento de 20% da base instalada de WinQQcoisa se torna mais provável, hehe.
  • Microsoft still sucks at security and users suffer for it. My best guess is they are planning on putting all this new technology in the "next" operating system, which seems to be yet another year behind schedule. The important question the world will soon be asking -- "Do we need another Windows operating system?" In 2006, Windows XP gets another service pack and/or facelift. Nothing more.
    0 comments & 1 hehe
  • Embedded devices will hurt Media Center PC sales, which will continue to be pitiful.
    Eu sigo insistindo que quem mata o mercado de PCs caseiros são os videogames, particularmente o PS3 e o XBox 360 (não necessariamente nessa ordem).
  • Google WON'T go head-to-head with Microsoft for a desktop operating system or a cheap PC.
    Com certeza não. Mas com um sério competidor para o Office sim.
  • Whatever we expect from Google might just as easily appear from Yahoo, too. With so much attention on Google, Yahoo is operating under the RADAR and will have several surprises for the market while AOL continues to shrink.
    Não sei. Tá aqui um jogo que não verá minhas fichas - por enquanto. Mas um Yahoo forte será bom para todo mundo.


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