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Nada a ver com os tupiniquins 'acomodados' (né Mr Lula da Silva?). A conclusão aí é do Thomas Friedman, que acabou de lançar o livro "The World is Flat - A brief history of the twenty-first century".

Ele tá falando de offshore e outros temas "quentes". Saca só um pequeno trecho de sua entrevista para o The Daily Show:

Talk a little bit about your organizing principle for this book The World Is Flat. Where does that come from?

My last interview was with Nandan Nilekani, the head of Infosys, which is the IBM of India. He said, “Tom, the economic playing field is being leveled, and you guys are not ready.” … Thirty-five years ago, if you had a choice of being a B student in Brooklyn or a genius born in Beijing … you would much rather have been the B student in Brooklyn … because you really couldn’t plug and play with the world. You couldn’t innovate and create and participate. That’s no longer true. As the world has been flattened out by fiber optic cables and the Internet … it is a lot better today to be that genius in Beijing.

Aren’t they also going to want it more? To a certain extent, because we’re in our third, fourth, fifth generation of relative success, doesn’t that breed a certain contentment, a certain “neutered cat”mentality?

… I have a whole section in the book called “This Is Not a Test.” It’s taken from the Cold War…. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a test. We’ve gotten a little fat, a little dumb and a little lazy.

Mmm. That sounds like the America I know.

…We’ve got a president focused on taking apart the New Deal when what we really need is a new New Deal to deal with this flattening

Veja mais na SDMagazine.

ps: na onda de 'América' (blergh! dona Glória), juros altos (henriquinho, henriquinho!) e do frio que chegou, responde aí: é melhor ser um estudante 'B' no Brooklin, um gênio em Beijing ou um desenvolvedor 'A' (de autônomo) na Vila Olímpia?

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