Graffiti \Graf*fi"ti\, s.m.
desenhos ou palavras feitos
em locais públicos. 
Aqui eles têm a intenção de 
provocar papos sobre TI e afins.

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Microsoft looks to quell VB uprising while Real Software and Sun try to woo it by ZDNet's David Berlind -- According to a report by Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch, Microsoft has launched its VBRun Web site in hopes of that it can calm down outraged "VB Classic" users by helping them to transition to VB.NET. On the site's front door is a message from Microsoft's Visual Basic Product Manager Jay Roxe that, amongst other things, says (in the spirit of migration) "VB Fusion provides some specific examples of using VB 6 and VB .NET together. Stay the Path provides information and free training for VB 6 developers who are looking to explore Visual Basic .NET." Microsoft "EOLed" (end-of-lifed) free support for older versions of Visual Basic. The move sparked a petition by ...

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