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Só uma vez em mais de dois anos de Graffiti eu utilizei o M$ para identificar a MS. Mnemônico comum no círculo 'open/free', me parece um tanto gasto. Mas tem hora que não dá pra evitar, né M$? Saca só o resultado da avaliação que o Ed Bott (ZDNet) fez do falso, mal educado e ganancioso WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage):

  • You’re presumed guilty. Although the web pages ooze with concern for the poor “victims,” the actual text is cold-blooded. Microsoft acknowledges that many people have legitimate licenses but end up with bootleg copies of Windows installed because a repair shop or a friend does them a “favor.” But the utility to replace the bogus product key with a legitimate one is buried on the website. It’s literally the last option on a list of six choices.
  • It’s all about the Benjamins. The most prominent element in the WGA Notification screen is the Buy Now button. You’re encouraged to whip out your credit card and send Microsoft (or one of its partners) $149 to get a new product key and a new CD. Even if you click the tiny see all options link to see what other choices are available to you, three of the six options involve handing over money.
  • Help is not on the way. A Windows customer who sees this message is likely to be scared, confused, and angry – or maybe all three. But there’s no easy way to get help. The Contact Us link leads to a generic Microsoft page. There’s nary a phone number to be found. The only specific help is the WGA Validation Problems forum, where the list of scared, confused, and angry customers is growing daily.
  • It inspires confusion and uncertainty. Yesterday, Microsoft told me my installation of Windows XP was Genuine, and I was entitled to full support. Today, I’m a possible victim of piracy, and I’m cut off from the resources that were available to me yesterday. What changed? Who knows? What about my other “genuine” Windows copies? Are they going to suddenly be flagged as illegal?

Negritos meus, para facilitar a vida dos leitores ágeis.

$$. "Mim quer cobrar - mim gosta ganhar dinheiro". Vamos cobrar por downloads de versões beta do Office!! Vamos cobrar os piratas fdp's!! Gestão do relacionamento com clientes? Bullshitagem neo-capitalista que nós já atendemos desde que instalamos nossa maravilhosa versão do Siebel (btw, ainda é ele?).

Restam duas opções:
  1. Aquelas 6 (5 escondidas) no site deles; ou
  2. A libertação definitiva do seu desktop.
"Liberdade e respeito". Este é o nome do jogo. Ainda que tardio.


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