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Jason Matusow é o estrategista chefe da MS para assuntos "Open Source". Ele mostra que há sim Vida Inteligente entre o "Ser" (participar ativamente da comunidade de Software Livre) e o "Não Ser" (insistir na exclusiva comercialização de 'caixinhas de patentes'). Saca só um trechinho de uma entrevista dele para a ZDNet:

There's a move to the middle that's been underway for the past four years and I think that the strongest pressure behind that is the commercialization of open source that's driving that move the middle. What do I mean by move to the middle? I mean that if you look at the strategies being applied by companies - take semantics out of it for a second - whether its called open or not or called shared or not — Apple didn't want to build an entire new operating system so they take a bunch of the FreeBSD technology, they layer on top if it their proprietary elements. Those elements that they've been working for UI for years and they make a very rapid move into the 32-bit operating system space. Real Networks with the Helix project: did they give away the core codecs - the things that make their business possible that's the genuine unique value that they offer? No. But they did release a lot of the other source code under an open source license that allowed them to try and get more developer momentum. CA with Ingres. SAP with OpenDB. IBM with Eclipse and their Linux donations. All of these companies are clearly taking a look at what open source is going to mean for them and their business strategy and they're applying that.

Belíssima percepção. E aí? O que a MS pretende fazer?

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