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Bill Gates flew to Denmark and told the Prime Minister that if he didn't support European software patents, Gates would shut down a Danish software company that Microsoft had acquired, costing Denmark 800 IT jobs.

The founder of the world's largest software company, Bill Gates, is now ready to shut down Navision in Denmark and move around 800 developers behind Denmarks biggest software success to the US.

The Microsoft leader made that clear, when he meet with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Economic and Business Minister Bendt Bendtsen and Science Minister Helge Sander in November.

The threat risks being executet, if part of the IT business manages to block the disputed EU directive on patenting software, that Microsoft wants so dearly, but time and time again has been postponed thanks to efficient lobbying by anti-patent opposition.

"If I am to keep my development center in Denmark, I must have clearity on the rights issue. Otherwise I will move to the US, where I can protect my rights," said Gates according to to Microsoft chief attorney Marianne Wier, who also attended the meeting with Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Será que era algo do tipo que ele queria tanto falar com o Lula em Davos?

Mr billshit mostra cada vez mais sua carinha...

[Surrupiei daqui.]

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