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desenhos ou palavras feitos
em locais públicos. 
Aqui eles têm a intenção de 
provocar papos sobre TI e afins.

O Graffiti mudou!

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A verdadeira MS (que emerge das billshitagens sobre comunistas e afins) mostra que está aprendendo com a 'caveira vermelha'. Saca só alguns trechos da entrevista que S. "Soma" Somasegar, VP da divisão Microsoft Developer, deu prá eWeek:

"One of the things I have personally learned from the open-source community or movement is transparency".

"The reason I'm excited about transparency is if I'm a developer what I really want to know is the internals of the system. I want to know when decisions are getting made, I want to know why the decisions are getting made and—assume I'm a developer outside of Microsoft—that Microsoft can provide a way for me to interact on a regular basis with the product teams that are building the technology."

(Uai! O Ballmer não vive dizendo: pra q q o cliente vai querer o código fonte?)

"Look at things like the Community Technology Preview. It looks like that's just an obvious thing to do, but I can tell you inside the team there was a lot of angst because historically we were in a mode where we'd write some code, we'd go through an extensive stabilization period, we'd call it a beta, and then we'd show it to customers".

"We were sort of not ready to air our dirty laundry so to speak, because every build that comes out we'd have some problems, we'd have some glitches, but that's how software gets developed—from a build to build perspective. And we were trying to say, 'Hey, if I can share it with you as an engineer in the team, I want to share it with my close community of customers.' Because I want them to see the progress we are making. And if they think we are making the wrong decisions, they can tell us right then and there. I don't want to wait another year before I can get feedback from the community."

Realmente dá um certo frio na barriga. Mas funciona! Vide GNU/Linux, Firefox, MySQL, Apache, JBoss, OpenCMS, Tomcat, Thunderbird, etc etc etc

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