Graffiti \Graf*fi"ti\, s.m.
desenhos ou palavras feitos
em locais públicos. 
Aqui eles têm a intenção de 
provocar papos sobre TI e afins.

O Graffiti mudou!

Visite a nova versão em

Eu já postei tal sugestão. Dada a criticidade do tema, vale o reforço (extraído do International Herald Tribune):

But there is an antidote to a lot of the other Internet security risks out there, including the Web site infections described above (no artigo, ele tá falando do 'Trombadinha' e outros furos), and that is to stop using Microsoft's Internet Explorer software. That's right: Switch from the Web browser that is used by 95 percent of Internet surfers.

I'm not the first to suggest it. This week, the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, part of the Department of Homeland Security, advised Internet users to "consider" using a different Web browser as a possible solution until Microsoft fixes the flaw that allows Explorer to be exploited.
Since the hole that allows the Web site penetrations are found only in Windows systems, CERT could also have easily added, "Use a different operating system." Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the Macintosh, for example, is not affected. But a U.S. government agency waving people off of Windows might be seen as a step too far.

Certainly not all of the 95 percent of people using Explorer will be compromised, and certainly Microsoft is working on a permanent solution, to this and other holes that hackers find. The monopoly software company should not be held responsible for the evil intentions of a rogue band of Russian programmers.

But that doesn't mean we should forgive Microsoft or allow ourselves to be vulnerable. If my alarm clock secretly recorded my bedroom conversations - or even if I thought it could - I would replace it. Perhaps this is the kick many people need to try another browser (Netscape, Opera and Mozilla, for starters), or - dare I say it? - even another operating system.

Ops... não cheguei assim tão longe!

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