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This is too good to pass up. Jeff Schneider, president of MomentumSI, has posted what he calls "The Great Microsoft WSDL Hunt."

Enabling software with Web Services Description Language is perhaps one of the most basic aspects of SOA-enabling applications. According to Schneider, "over the last five-plus years, Microsoft has been incorporating SOA into their own products. The 'Great Microsoft WSDL Hunt' is an effort to identify which products have already been 'service oriented', or at least 'WSDL-enabled'."

The prize for a verifiable submission is an SOA T-shirt (supplies are limited to about 100). The rules are to 1) Find a supported WSDL from ANY current and supported Microsoft product (hosted or shrink-wrap), and 2) send Schneider the name of the product and the WSDL as well as where it was found (URL, etc.).

So far, Schneider reports, only five WSDLs have been found. "I've looked around myself and they're not as easy to find as you might think," he admits. "I'm still encouraging any and everyone (including Microsoft employees) to send me the WSDLs!"

WSDL-enabled products identified so far: Microsoft SharePoint, MSN Search (beta), TerraServer, MapPoint, and Microsoft Digital Rights Management.

Surrupiado (integralmente) daqui.


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