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Cansei de falar que os 'processos de inovação' da ms são um lixo. Ou, pra pegar mais leve, geram muitas idéias furadíssimas. Vou variar vou colocar o John Battelle (autor de "A Busca") pra falar em meu lugar. Saca só um trechinho de um post recente sobre o tema:

Microdino"I've been thinking about Microsoft lately, maybe because I've been in an email dialog with Gary Flake, or because I just interviewed Ray Ozzie for my column, or because, perhaps, of silly speeches given by Gates like this one, which was summarized thusly by a news service I subscribe to:"

"'The cell phone will become a "digital wallet," able to receive e-mail and even scan business cards, while computers and TVs will merge, predicts Microsoft chief Bill Gates.'"

"Now, I know it's Gates' job to make the world of tech seem approachable and understandable to the typical MS Office user - the same person who apparently has a dinosaur for a head and stopped paying attention to technology somewhere back in 1997. But g'damn, we've been hearing this speech for more than ten years now, and if Microsoft ever wants to get back out in front of the pack in technology, if it really wants to lead again, as it did in the mid 1990s, it needs to do one simple thing: Split the company up."

"Everyone knows that Microsoft has one center of gravity that matters: The Office and Windows revenue line. Everything else pales in comparison. But where does Microsoft get judged, day in and day out? Not on Office, or even Windows. It's search, and innovation across the web generally. And there, it's clear, Microsoft's gravitational mass is getting in the way."

"Gates needs to do to Microsoft what Jobs did to Apple when he launched the Mac team - give the new guys carte blanche, and get out of their way. There so so many smart, amazing minds at MSFT, but also so many stories of brilliant mediocrity. How can a company innovate against the likes of Google and a thousand Web 2.0 startups when it has to worry about Windows and Office integration? Short answer: It can't." *

O mais engraçado na história toda é que, ao lado do post do Battelle, tem um imenso banner vertical tentando vender... MS Office!! Com dinossauro e tudo!! hehe..

* Negrito meu: Vale como o graffiare de hoje, blz?


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  1. valeu pela ajudinha do greasemonkey no outro post, seu graffiti. do post... ah, o mais legal da microsoft são os dinossáuros mesmo.


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