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Microsoft is starting its new fiscal year with a resounding "ouch," the Seattle Times reported today. The company's executives are on the record saying Microsoft will not increase expenses and that yearly sales will grow less than 10 percent for the first time. So now the company "is taking out its budget scissors, looking to save $1 billion in an across-the-company drive to cut costs. It is cutting spending on travel and entertainment, and reducing some worker benefits, such as the discount at which employees can buy stock. It has eliminated some positions and is closely analyzing its marketing and sales expenses. Even catering costs have not escaped scrutiny. And in an effort to boost sales, it is offering a number of rebates and discounts on its products."

It's more than business; there's a lifestyle on the block as well. "Microsoft used to be a penny-pinching company. Chairman Bill Gates flew coach for years after making his first millions. But in more recent times, Lenny Kravitz performs at product launches and the Xbox team parties with Paris Hilton in a rented house in the Hollywood Hills. Many workers get free memberships to a posh Eastside gym, and employee meetings are at Safeco Field, where it was so cold last year that blankets were distributed." Somehow it's hard to feel sorry for a company with more than $40 billion in cash in the bank...

Extraído (não subtraído) do Seattle Times.

ps: Eles podiam começar parando de fabricar/comprar esses brindezinhos inúteis. Hj mesmo chegou um porta-cd feio prá burro e que não funciona (sério: uma vez aberta, a portinha não fecha mais. Detalhe curioso: o treco é 'blue'!).

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