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3. Apple Computer (new)
They laughed in 2001 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, Apple's $400 MP3 player. They laughed in 2003 when he opened the iTunes Music Store, selling songs for 99 cents when millions of consumers were downloading tracks for free. But Jobs is having the last laugh, while creating the kind of platform-and-content synergy that gadget makers dream of. Having sold 5 million iPods, Apple owns 55 percent of the music player market. Meanwhile, iTunes has coaxed the Big Five record labels into a single online store and persuaded fans to download - legally - more than 60 million songs, about 70 percent of commercial downloads. And beyond consumers of digital media, Apple is empowering a new generation of content creators with superior music production (GarageBand) and video editing (iMovie). Put them on the blazing Power Mac G5 and you have the platform of the creative class.
Done: The iPod Mini, released in February, is already taking market share from makers of smaller, cheaper music players.
To do: With iTunes for Windows and the HP-branded iPod, Apple is finally playing well with others. If only it would find more playmates.

Copiei o trecho aí de cima da lista Wired 40, que lista as empresas mais inovadoras do mundo, e blá blá blá. O 'new' lá de cima indica que nos anos anteriores a Apple não foi relacionada. Então o Jobs tá rindo da Wired tbém, né? Pq o iPod é de 2001 e o iTunes de 2003. A Wired, que se posiciona como a bíblia do mundo hi-tec, tbém ignorou os passos da velha maçã. tsc tsc...

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