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em locais públicos. 
Aqui eles têm a intenção de 
provocar papos sobre TI e afins.

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Eu usei o Freeway (Atari 2600)para comentar os duelos da MS com seus 7 maiores inimigos. Steve Gillmor (ZDNet) optou pelo Coyote e o Bladerunner para ilustrar o principal duelo: MS X Google.

Saca só:

"My in-laws bought my daughter an $800 Windows desktop system. She's used to her Mac laptop, so instead of using the Office Standard edition (times out in 60 days), I booted the Mac, shared Internet access through the Ethernet port, used the Mac's Mail app to register a Gmail account, and logged on from the PC. I set up Gmail to stuff her personal email account into outgoing Gmail's From field, and set up the laptop to pull Gmail POP3 to Mail for an offline store. Goodbye Office.

What, you say, no word processor? Well, I could have her download Open Office, but for now I just have her write in Gmail and use its spellcheck, then paste into whatever blog app I set her up with, probably Flickr so she can mix in images. So far I'm resisting Google Desktop due to its lack of a Mac counterpart, but its notes engine is very promising. Then there's Web Clips, which lets us flow RSS feeds into the store. Add it up, it's read/write with a bootstrapped offline model while we wait for EV-DO. Game over.

Game over for what? says Farber. For business users? It's Office 97 in reverse, Dan. Over, around, through IT. No calendar? Hack iCal on the Mac with Automator to send alerts to Gmail and SMS to cell. Collaboration? Use RSS out and Web Clips in for document review, IM chat storage, even enclosure staging. Lucovsky: [I]t's a mistake to think that HailStorm is not also focused on individuals in a business context.

Beep Beep"

Mostra de uma forma bem prática como Google (#1) e SaaS (Software as a Service - #2) são os 2 maiores inimigos do Billu. Vs integral do post do Gillmor aqui.

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