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... e um "rico e frutífero futuro". Direto do blog do Schwartz (Sun):

..."rewriting an app simply to use a new toolkit isn't creating value for consumers. Creating an application or service that delivers unique value is what captures users. And the internet gave some developers a tremendous opportunity to deliver unique value - by radically simplifying basic networking, enabling connectivity and community on a truly global scale.

So then, what's up with the future of Or FlickR? Or Firefox? Or Google Earth? Or iTunes?

First, note that none of these apps are written as browser based applications - but all of them are focused on capturing users and delivering unique value through the network. Could they be rewritten in AJAX? Sure. But why? They're all capturing users and delivering value today. (I included Firefox for a reason - to point out that some things just wouldn't make sense rewritten in AJAX.) Could an AJAX interface be used to extend some portion of their functionality? No question, yes - the diversity of requirements on the internet is giving services an opportunity to project multiple user experiences (thus, the app to upload your photos is different than the service that let's you browse them).

Could these apps I mention, above, be enhanced with better network connectivity, more collaboration, and better integration into your daily life? Absolutely.

So if you want to know what the future portends for, that's a fine place to start (and AJAX will likely play a role).

But the single biggest achievement of the community is that they've driven broad global adoption, in the face of a competitor not known for being gentle. It's a perfectly legitimate question to ask, "so what's next?" But it's also important to note how OpenOffice got to where it is - by focusing first, and foremost, on delivering value for users. Not picking a technology to highlight (although there were plenty to pick from).

There is a rich and fruitful future in front of, based upon focusing on user experience and creating value. A point with which BusinessWeek clearly agrees.

Stay tuned."


pv: Em 07/Jun comecei a acompanhar o novo brinquedinho. Tem umas referências legais pra quem tá chegando agora.

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