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Aqui eles têm a intenção de 
provocar papos sobre TI e afins.

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Título alternativo: "Pq Ballmer não passa de Jul/2006"

Saca só: "The top priority for us is to innovate. If we don’t, nobody needs to buy from us". Não sei pq, mas me lembrou muito aquele papo de "se o Pitta não for bom não precisa votar em mim nunca mais"...

Outros pepinos descascados no Gartner's Symposium ITxpo:

"We just can’t make our customers wait three or four years for things that should have been on more interim cycles."
Opa...'ovo de Bruneschelli'...

"If you do things that are innovative and bring value, and you respond to the big core trend, which is to move more toward a services approach, whether it’s service-oriented architecture, on demand delivery through virtualization or services running out in the cloud—there is sort of a theme there."

"That value is going to come from both new applications and services, not only created by Microsoft but created by third parties. The question of how to allow third parties to create interesting scenarios that live partly on the client, on Windows; on the server, Windows; and out in the cloud is a very important one and certainly one we are focused in on."
Win-Win-Client/Server ?? -- outdated-loose-loose

"Other than curing cancer, Google will do everything."

"I'm going to trust Vista on day one. I bet most people in this audience will trust it day one–on their home computer."
gasp... hehehe.. pára! tá bom por hj...


Agora uns graffiares surrupiados do Mini-Microsoft:

Goodbye Ward: Ward Cunningham has left to work at Eclipse (and I tell you: given the slow .NET encumbered beast that VS 2005 is, even I'm tempted to try out Eclipse right now).

Uh, Oh: Joe Wilcox questions whether the late Vista has missed a special nodal-point of increased PC purchases. Going into next week's quarterly earning's report, Mr. Wilcox reflects:

In July I asked the question: "Did Microsoft miss a major PC and operating system upgrade cycle? I won't say definitely until the third calendar quarter is finished and buying trends for the year clearer to assess. But my initial reaction is to say yes." Increasingly I'm convinced that Microsoft would have been much better off shipping Windows Vista in 2005 than late 2006.

Oh, yeah. Muuuuuch better. I'm sure everyone working on getting Vista out the door realizes, too, that Microsoft's stock price is directly coupled to their day-to-day success.

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