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Microsoft embarrasses itself over XP SP2 delay
Aussie office shoots Redmond in the foot after jumping the gun

Iain Thomson, 06 Aug 2004

Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack Two (SP2) is looking increasingly cursed after the release date appears to have slipped again - if only by a few days.

The software giant had set itself an internal deadline of releasing the new service pack, designed to significantly improve the operating system's security, to manufacturers on 4 August.

But the company said that it decided to hold off because it wanted to make final improvements to the code.

Paul Randle, product marketing manager for the release, said: "The Wednesday schedule was an internal deadline for release to manufacture and we were not happy enough with the product to release it on that day.

Blrr... tem um monte de gente "not happy enough"...

At 80MB SP2 will be one of Microsoft's largest ever service packs, and the first to contain entirely new applications.


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