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Contarei com o apoio do Scott Berkun, um ex-funcionário da MS que publicou o excelente "The Art of Project Management". Selecionei dois trechos de seu blog:

Scott ministrou uma palestra em Redmond no último dia 7, chamada "why smart people defend bad ideas" (hehe). Saca só o naipe das perguntas que ele teve que responder:

  • What do you do if your boss is an idiot?
  • How do you handle a manager that has difficultly making priority decisions?
  • What do you do in a group that doesn’t like to debate ideas?
  • Why are copouts like ‘We don’t have time’ and ‘This is the way we did it last time?
Em outro post Scott comenta as "10 regras do Google", expostas por Eric Schmidt na MSNBC, e as compara com a MS que ele conhece (bem - trabalhou lá entre 94 e 2003). Saca só um trechinho sobre "Valores":

"Don’t be evil. Definitely differences here. First, I never got a “Be evil” memo at Microsoft. The message I did get was this: WIN. There is a difference. While trying to WIN won’t get you sainthood, it’s philosophically indifferent: it’s about a result. Many things Microsoft was criticized for came from someone trying to WIN in the short term, without recognizing the long term consequences of how they won. Call it stupid, selfish or immature, but evil often (but not always) seemed a stretch. Google’s choice to make a public philosophical stance is noble, and puts the rest of the business world in cowardly relief (Although, where is the company that says “We actually do GOOD?”) But the stance is rife with problems. Any time you in a zero-sum competition, and WIN, even if you do so graciously, there will often be someone who feels they lost who will point a finger at you and say “You did evil to me”. Watching a major corporation manage a philosophical, moral position is fascinating, and definitely something Microsoft has never done."

pv: Negrito meu. E aí? Faz diferença?

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